• Carrie Potter, MA, LMHCA

Is Counseling Right for You?

People come to counseling for MANY different reasons. Chances are that if you are considering counseling, it could be helpful for you! Oftentimes people seek out counseling because they are in crisis; something has happened or is currently happening that is difficult to manage. This might be a loss, a significant transition, or even symptoms of a diagnosable mental illness. The circumstances or symptoms are making it difficult to function, and perhaps they are struggling to work, care for themselves, or just participate fully in life. People in crisis are certainly great candidates for therapy. Counselors can help by helping with symptom management, coping skills, creating habits/plans for emotional safety, and providing a place where people can feel understood and validated.

If you’re not currently experiencing a crisis, you might wonder if therapy can still be helpful. Perhaps you’ve heard from a friend who speaks highly of their own therapy, you follow a therapist on Instagram, or maybe you’ve just seen a character on TV or in a movie go to counseling. It’s my belief that therapy can, indeed, be helpful to nearly everyone at some point. Not everyone needs to see a therapist at every season of life, but almost everyone could find a benefit at least at some point. We could all use some extra support! Therapists are trained to listen and understand what you’re going through, and your therapist can even help you sort through and figure out what might be helpful to work on and what you might want to change.

Whether you’re currently in crisis or just wondering if there are things in your life that could be better, therapy can be helpful. Whatever brings you to counseling, the outcomes can be great: improved relationships, increased capacity to handle difficult situations and difficult emotions, and increased self-compassion.

If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out!