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Carrie Potter


Hi, I'm Carrie!


What I Do

I’m a psychotherapist, but you might also call me an emotional wilderness guide and self-compassion cheerleader.

I help people who long to feel excited about their lives, but feel suffocated by stress, anxiety, and struggles with kids, relationships, and work. I support them in figuring out what needs to change so that they can have better relationships with others and more peace with themselves.

I know from my own path to wellness that sometimes what we need is someone who listens, understands, and “gets it” without judgment.

How I’m Different

With me as your therapist, here are three things I hope you’ll experience:

  1. Acceptance: My job is to understand you. I think of therapy as a place where you can show up as your very best self, your very worst self, and everything in’s all fair game.

  2. Creativity/Play: I support my clients in unlocking their own creativity, whether it is pursuing a new interest or career path or finding ways to incorporate play into their lives and relationships. I embrace playfulness in my work with clients; it is not uncommon to hear loud laughter coming from my therapy office during sessions!

  3. Authenticity: I strive to be an actual human being in the therapy room with you, not a clinical robot with no feelings! I have honest, real relationships with my clients.


Ready for a Change?

I believe that emotionally healthy people will change the world. That’s why I hope you reach out and schedule a session today.

Sanctuary Psychological Services

32650 State Route 20, Suite C206 & C208

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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