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Carrie Potter


Hi, I’m Carrie! 

Some of my favorite things are an overflowing charcuterie board, hunting for treasures at thrift stores, and snuggling with my rescue dog, Angus. I love shows and movies with complex character arcs (Breaking Bad is one of my favorites), the Harry Potter universe, and anything Jane Austen.

Before becoming a therapist, I was an accountant for 15 years. This might seem like a big career change (it is!) but I still get to use that analytical part of my brain in my work with counseling clients. I love working with women who are high-achieving, sarcastic, and maybe a little bit stubborn. My clients tend to be great at loving others around them and not-so-great at loving themselves. I know from my own path to wellness that it can be hard to accept help when your problems “aren’t that bad.” It energizes me when I see women realize that seeking greater health and wholeness actually makes life better not just for them but for the people around them that they care so deeply about; their partners, their kids, and their friends benefit as well.

I attended The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology for my MA in Counseling Psychology. I completed internships at Olive Crest and Sunrise Services. 

If you think we would be a good fit, I hope you'll reach out and schedule a session today.

Carrie sees clients in-person in Oak Harbor and throughout Washington state via online therapy.