Carrie Potter


You feel stuck. Although you’re mostly able to fight through these feelings by staying busy with work or with the kids, when you get really quiet, those voices tend to get louder. “There has to be more to life than this.” You wonder if you are somehow doing life wrong; after all, you have family, friends, and a roof over your head, so why can't you just be content?

Some days everything is fine, and you even feel happy...but then there are days when you feel crushed under the weight of anxiety and all the “what ifs”. Other days you just feel “meh”, like you can barely remember when you used to be excited about hobbies, activities, and the future.

You feel like you’re a pressure cooker: there’s pressure building up that you need to release but you have no idea where the release valve is, or what might happen when you press it.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate specializing in helping women become un-stuck and engaged with their lives.

Clients say that working with me feels comforting, like having a non-judgmental sounding board who takes time to dig in and understand what is going on beneath the words you say. In therapy we will talk about your life, both what is going on right now as well as the past. I will ask questions and invite you to delve deeper, and often I will ask you to consider things from a different point of view.


I am 100% for you and with you on this journey, and I want to see you have a life of vibrancy, joy, and beauty.

Sometimes just talking about things with me will help you feel a little bit better. Other times therapy will feel exhausting and uncomfortable, even painful. But you will find this discomfort worth it when you begin to find yourself making changes in your life, having better relationships with others, and having more peace with yourself.

If you would like to see how your life could be different, contact our office to ask more questions or schedule an appointment.

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