Therapy for adolescents


We work with teens who want a place where they can sort through the things about growing up that can be overwhelming and confusing. We also work with teens who are having trouble functioning at school and who are struggling with conflict with parents, siblings, or friends.

How do I know if I need help?

Here are some signs that what you’re experiencing is beyond what you should try to manage on your own:

  • Finding little or no pleasure in life

  • Feeling worthless or extremely guilty

  • Crying a lot for no particular reason

  • Withdrawing from other people

  • Experiencing severe anxiety, panic, or fear

  • Having big mood swings

  • Experiencing a change in eating or sleeping patterns

  • Having very low energy

  • Losing interest in hobbies and pleasurable activities

  • Having too much energy

  • Having trouble concentrating or following through on plans

  • Feeling easily irritated or angry

  • Experiencing racing thoughts or agitation

  • Wanting to harm yourself or someone else.


It’s not necessarily easy to spot these signs, or to figure out what they mean. When dealing with mental health or emotional problems, it’s important not to go at it alone. Healing is a combination of helping yourself and letting others help you. Comfort and support, information and advice, and professional treatment are all forms of help.

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